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We immediately make sure that our garlic is out of the sun as soon as we pull it. We will brush off as much dirt as we can and then usually hang them in two bunches of about 9-12 tied with some twine. At this time you can sort it for size or you can sort it after the drying period is over. Whichever works the best for you. We try to do a quick measure of size so that we can hang them with ones that are relative close for easy and equal hanging. We do a more exact sizing after drying time.

Some people like to wash their garlic with cold water to get the dirt off of it before hanging. We have not done that but might consider that in the future. With as much garlic as we produce we aim to get it out of the sun and hung up as soon as possible so that the garlic is in the best shape that it can be. The garlic should be hung with plenty of room so watch overcrowding.

Damaged garlic should be removed right away as it could cause plenty opportunities for diseases or rot and we do not want that spreading to the other garlic. We leave the roots and the tops of the plants on for drying. Some say this will keep them to store longer however we mostly do this because of time. We need to get all the garlic out of the ground and hung up in time so that we can get the best garlic that we can.

We usually store and dry the garlic like this for 4-6 weeks. After it is dry we will trim the roots and the tops and sort them into sizes so we can sell and keep what we need. We will then put them in mesh bags and hang until they are ready to sell or plant or eat.

Note : In the picture below we had to process the garlic a bit before hanging because the season had been incredibly wet and we were concerned that mold would grow if the leaves and outer wet skin was left on. This is not how we would like to hang and this year we have taken off the straw to make sure the garlic is not as wet with all of the rain we have been receiving. Normally we would hang the garlic immediately from pulling and we would not process any until it was dry.

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