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Who loves to weed?  You?  Definitely not me!  If not started early weeding your garlic can be an almost constant thing and take over your entire summer!  Taking care of the weeds in the garlic is a very important thing. If the garlic is forced to compete with weeds it will mostly likely lose and not grow to its full potential. It can possibly even decrease your return of good garlic by 50%.

While weeding you should be careful to keep the leaves of the garlic in good shape. Weeding is best done in the early spring and again in summer.

A good resolution for controlling broadleaf weeds is using a vinegar solution as well. Using approximately five applications of a 10% acetic acid vinegar spray during the garlic season can help to diminish much of the labor intense weeding.  This spraying should start when the garlic is about 18” tall and you should spray both sides of each row and spray about every 10 days.

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