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When and Where to Plant


Garlic can be planted in the spring in some areas but the best time to plant would be in the fall. That will give you the largest and healthiest garlic when you harvest it the next summer. There are different planting times according to where you live.

Garlic should be planted about several weeks before the ground freezes solid. In the colder areas this is generally sometime in late October and early November. This will help the garlic to establish some roots and also a decent amount of top growth so that the garlic can have a good start in the spring but not too much that it would be killed in the winter snow and freezing temperatures. Tops will start to grow when the temperature is over 40 degrees.  We live in Pennsylvania and have found that when we try to grow the Turban variety, that often grow better in warmer climates, that we have to plant those very last at the last possibly moment so that they will still be growing in the ground during the cold months of February and March.


Garlic should be planted in full sun with about 9-18” between rows. Rocks should be removed from the first 6” from the planting area. Raised beds can be used in soil that does not drain well. We have a much heavier clay soil where we are and so we plant in raised beds that have 6 rows with about 6-10” between rows.  More on this can be found on the Soil Preparation and Fertilization page.


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