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Weakly bolting hardneck that genetically are softneck Silverskins. They do send up a flower stalk and have a hard stem. They also usually have vibrant bright pink red clove wrappers and store exceptionally well. They have 8-12 cloves per bulb and are arranged in a circular configuration. Bulb wrappers are very white, the clove covers vary from a reddish rose color to dark purple. The size all Creole garlics grow to depends on where they are grown. They require as much direct sunlight as they can get. If grown in the South they can get real big but usually grow small when grown in the north because they cannot get the sunlight they need.

Creoles are more tolerant of adverse weather conditions than most garlic. Creoles can be large but they’re hardy survivors and can grow where many other kinds can’t.

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