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Purple Stripe

There are three sub groups within purple stripes; Standard purple stripe, Marble Purple stripe and Glazed Purple Stripe. These are the garlic’s with the most flavor and color of all garlic’s. Beautiful purple splotches and stripes on the wrappers and bulbs. Coloration is affected by growing conditions, particularly weather and sometimes they are strongly colored and at other times more white than purple. Standard Purple Stripe garlic are the sweetest baking garlic. All Purple Stripe garlic have elongated clove tips.

Marble purple stripes have easy to peal cloves, purple and chestnut clove wrappers, with mottled purple bulb wrappers. Also, Marbled Purple Stripes have fewer cloves per bulb than the standard group and most have a much hotter raw taste. Glazed purple stripes have almost glassy-looking bulb wrappers which make them the beauty queen of all garlic

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