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We are enjoying the spring peepers and the blooming hyacinth bushes here in PA!  The weather is starting to get slightly warmer after the not so surprising blast of winter we got out of nowhere in April.  We are currently busy with several projects.


  • We just started weeding the garlic that is growing just beautifully!  The weeds are mostly just grass and are easy to pull.  We can tell where the wind blew some of the mulch away that there are definitely many more weeds.  However in the areas where the mulch was too thick or too thin the garlic grew tall just the same. 
  • We just finished our second application of Organic Fish meal and Maxi Crop Foliar Spray for the fertilizer and once we have weeded all 21 rows of garlic we will spray an organic 10% acidic vinegar with water mix to help keep control of the weeds. 



  • Our Berkshire pig is pregnant and due July 25.  We moved her to a new area and she just loves it.  This will be her third litter.  She had 6 the first litter, 10 the second, and we can’t wait to see the new piggies.  One of the ways we can tell she is pregnant is that she loves getting her belly rubbed!  She runs over to see you and plops herself right down on her back waiting for the rub!





We also just started incubating some beautiful specialty high end chickens.  We have:

  • French Bloodline Copper Marans
  • Blue Copper Marans
  • Buff English Orpingtons
  • Black/Lavender Cross English Orpingtons
  • Gold & Blue Partridge Bramahs
  • Blue Splash Ameraucana
  • Blue Wheaton Ameraucana
  • Blue Birchen Marans
  • American Bresse
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